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Crude Oil Futures Trade


Crude Oil Swing Trade | Jan 16

Crude oil is a great market to swing trade. We had a fantastic week in this market, and continue to have success in it. A good trader can trade any market, and exploit it for profit.

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SPY Options Trade

pru stock

SPY Options Trade - 9.92% gain overnight | Jan 07

We took this SPY Options Trade in the options trading shark service yesterday afternoon. We were planning on this being a quick trade

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Yesterday I traded your trench system on gold and ES... - Yanik L, US – CourseMember
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I just wanted to let you know my live account grew 10%... - Larry,US
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Matt, you helped me passed a trading phobia thanks... - Markus, US – Trading RoomMember
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I am now making consistent profits in the markets... - Chris, US – Trading RoomMember
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I read the market analysis every weekend... - Edin P, US – CourseMember
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I have learned a lot from you great teacher... - Kha, US – CourseMember
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