Emini Trading Course

Learn Rule Based Price Action Strategies That Work

Find Greater Consistency in Your Trading

Build a Successful Trading Mindset


“If you want something you’ve never had, you’ll have to do things you’ve never done.”

What You Can Expect To Learn from My Emini Trading Course

  • Learn to Trade With the Trend
  • Learn to Trade Like a Business
  • Learn How to Read Price Action
  • How to Prepare for Your Trading Day
  • Identify Order Flow Behind Price
  • Learn How to Gauge Your Growth
  • Identify Key Support & Resistance Levels
  • Find Your Trading Style
  • When to Be in or Out of the Market
  • Develop Expert Trading Skills
  • Understand When Tops & Bottoms are forming
  • Build a Professional Trading Plan
  • Advanced Price Action Trading
  • How to Advance Your Pattern Recognition
  • Our Intra-day Trench Setup
  • Build an Unstoppable Trading Mindset
  • Know When to Counter-Trend
  • How to End Your Trading Day

Do you know that you could be more successful at trading? Do you have a passion for trading? Recognize the opportunity and see the challenge in this.

Have you been working hard, but struggling to trade profitably with consistent results? You understand something is missing:

  • Do you revenge trade
  • Do you system jump
  • Know your trading style
  • Know your risk management

  • Maybe you’ve lost more than you’ve won
  • Maybe you just can’t find consistency in your trading
  • Maybe the stress and anxiety of being a trader has overwhelmed you
  • Maybe you’ve been on a losing streak of late and not sure what to do

If you want to survive the learning curve most traders fail at, you have to go beyond an ‘informational course’. Most ‘courses’ or ‘training programs’ provide information.

Although information is necessary, it is not sufficient to trade successfully.

We focus on developing skills, have students engage in structured practice, and then tackle real-world trading situations.

This is why we differ from all other ‘courses’ out there.

Through hard work, practice and proper training, you can achieve your trading goals. Those who do make continual progress, see changes in their mindset, and start to trade profitably.

“The results you achieve are in direct proportion to the effort you apply.”

Here’s What Students Are Saying About The Course…

I am enjoying the trading course, and your teaching style makes it easier to absorb the material. Thanks!
Brock, UK

You have helped me get passed my trading phobias and become profitable!
Fred, US

I just wanted to say thank you, because this course is awesome. It has improved my trading and understanding of the market.
Steve, US

“If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the success you want and copy what they do.”

My risk to reward has improved significantly since taking your course. I am now making money consistently
Steve, Singapore

Trading is very challenging and complex, but you make it very simplistic. This makes it easy to profit consistently.
Nanda, Australia

You are the mentor I have been looking for. After many years of struggling I can now say that I am finally getting it.
Tim, UK

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