ES Futures Daytrade – $750 per contract

February 5, 2017 View Comments

This ES futures daytrade turned into our day trade of the week. The core of our trading is 2:1 to 3.5:1 reward to risk, and that consistency is what really drives our profitability. Sure it is great to have a homerun trade, but if you are consistently losing money it will not help your account.

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Coffee Futures Trade 06/27/16

June 27, 2016 View Comments

We took a Coffee Futures Trade that turned into a real big winner last month. When we placed the trade we knew that there was potential for a big winner. It is great when we get a big winner, but that is not our primary focus. Focusing on big winners on every trade is a

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ES Futures Daytrade – $775 in One Hour

November 27, 2015 View Comments


This ES futures daytrade turned into our day trade of the week. It is always awesome when a daytrade turns into a 2:1 reward to risk and greater, because that means that our trading style is a good one. This particular ES trade turned into a 3.875:1 reward to risk. We took this trade slightly

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ES Futures Trade 07/29/15

July 29, 2015 View Comments

ES Futures Trade

We took a futures trade earlier this week that worked out very nicely. It was short on the ES futures, which was highlighted in our weekly market analysis video. Since we did the analysis we had clearly defined risk and a potential reward that was definitely worth the trade. Whenever initiating a trade it is

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Sugar Futures Trade 07/15/15

July 15, 2015 View Comments

Sugar Futures Trade

We took a Sugar Futures Trade earlier this week, which is a really good example of a good mistake. We talk about reward:risk a lot and the importance of knowing the potential outcomes from a risk perspective. This trade was given out to members over 12 hours before we took it, so my view was

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Dollar Futures 24-hour $3,000 Trade – 06/15/15

June 15, 2015 View Comments

Dollar Futures Trade

We took a quick dollar futures trade that gave us a great reward:risk. We only trade the dollar futures every now and then, because we need tight risk in our setups. This particular trade took 24-hours; we entered short on June 1st and exited on the 2nd. Some newer traders would get upset at not

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