Mental Toughness: How Do You Deal With Psychological Challenges?

January 21, 2017 View Comments

Tonight, we saw a great psychological challenge at the Australian Open. It was a wonderful display of mental toughness, and really showed how a top athlete can overcome a psychological challenge. You may or may not enjoy the game of tennis, but the fact is that it is very tough on players psyches. A tennis

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Setting Financial Goals: Top 3 Mistakes

August 14, 2015 View Comments

Financial Goals

Setting financial goals is one of the most important things you can do, but many people put more effort into planning their vacations than on their finances. Why is it that one of the most essential goals a person can do is often overlooked? Usually complicated tasks are best left for tomorrow. So many books

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Reward Risk – The Holy Grail of Money Management

June 3, 2015 View Comments

reward risk

Did you know that you could have a 35% success rate, a 2 to 1 reward to risk ratio, and make money? It is true, and it is the holy grail of money management. This ratio applied with a proven trading strategy offers a big advantage to any trader. By analyzing your trading methodology, you

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Trading Excuses: How To Overcome Them & Create A Strong Trading Mindset

May 13, 2015 View Comments

Trading Excuses

Derek Redmond shattered the British 400-meter record at age 19 with a speed of 44.82 seconds in 1985, and improved upon that with a speed of 44.50 seconds just two years later. He won gold medals at the European Championships and Commonwealth Games for the 4 by 400 relay, and followed up with a silver

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Why The Futures Market is the Best Market to Trade

April 25, 2015 View Comments

futures market

The Futures Market is a Centralized Financial Market This means that all futures trades are documented and made available for public record, and adhere to strict CFTC and NFA rules. Having this structure in place makes for a safer and more transparent market place to do business. Trade at your own convenience You can enter

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The Whole Brain State & High Performance Trading

March 4, 2015 View Comments

Most traders never discover that there are multiple traders inside them. Primarily, and for the sake of argument, there are two traders inside every trader. The first trader is the most popular, which is the one not well versed in an optimal brain state. We refer to this trader as the addicted trader. This one

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