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If you dive into the market head first with no real training or solid education trading can definitely be a bit daunting. A future trading coach can help guide you through the beginning stages of trading and set you on a consistent course of profitable trading. The idea is to leverage the experience of a professional futures trading coach allowing you to learn at a much more rapid pace than not using a coach. The goal is to become a profitable trader, so the real question is what is that worth to you and how much time do you want to spend getting there? A futures trading coach is essentially a futures mentor; someone to model yourself after in order to become a profitable trader. A futures trading coach is essentially a futures mentor; someone to model yourself after in order to become a consistently profitable trader as effectively as possible. Unfortunately, the explosion of the internet has given rise to many so called “futures gurus” or mentors who are not really professional traders but pretend to be so. To make sure the futures trading coach or futures mentor you are thinking about learning from is honest, let us discuss some of the characteristics you should look for in any futures trading coach who is a successful trader.

What futures trading strategy are they teaching?

Is is apparent what futures trading strategy your futures coach is teaching? This is an important question to ask early on, and if you cannot come up with a thorough and satisfying answer, you probably want to continue searching for a futures trading trading coach and futures mentor. Any futures trading coach who is worth learning from will divulge a lot of what the futures trading strategy is that they teach before you give them a dime. This stems from the idea that if someone truly is a teacher and a coach you will be able to identify and pick up on that quickly. To know if the particular futures trading strategy is going to be effective you need to know something about it before you use it, otherwise you are spending money on a test drive.

It is also wise to take help from < a href="">futures trading coaches who teach simple trading strategies, ones that are not heavy on lagging indicators or that require you to spend thousands of dollars on software trading robots. Typically when you come across a so called “futures mentor” who is actually just a marketer, they will try to sell you something in addition to their intelligence and experience which is usually some sort of software program or indicator for your charts, stay away from these.

Can you freely ask your futures trading coach any questions?

How easy is it to communicate with the futures trading coach you are thinking about using? If you cannot get a hold of them at all, either through email or phone, you might want to continue your search for a futures trading coach. A true futures mentor or futures trading coach should be able to answer questions, so good support is critical in determining the potential value you can expect from a futures trading coach. Even if they offer a comprehensive futures trading course that comes with the bases covered, you are still likely to have questions after absorbing the material.

Continuing Education

The point of a futures trading coach or futures mentor is to provide you with a trading plan of attack not only for trading but a guide for your journey. Trading is a journey and not a destination, so you should expect updates periodically from the information and coaching. Whether it is a back end member’s forum or some sort of a daily interaction, how much value you receive from the futures trading coach you employ really hangs on this.

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