Setting Financial Goals: Top 3 Mistakes

August 14, 2015 View Comments

Financial Goals

Setting financial goals is one of the most important things you can do, but many people put more effort into planning their vacations than on their finances. Why is it that one of the most essential goals a person can do is often overlooked? Usually complicated tasks are best left for tomorrow. So many books

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Reward Risk – The Holy Grail of Money Management

June 3, 2015 View Comments

reward risk

Did you know that you could have a 35% success rate, a 2 to 1 reward to risk ratio, and make money? It is true, and it is the holy grail of money management. This ratio applied with a proven trading strategy offers a big advantage to any trader. By analyzing your trading methodology, you

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Live Price Action Futures Trade Setups | Feb 12th

February 12, 2015 View Comments

Pound Futures Trade

This week I want to share some price action setups from my personal trading as well as from one of my trading students. My trading has been highly profitable, but my student had some very impressive trading, so we will highlight one of his trades this week. Live Pound Futures Trade Setup: 7:1 Reward to

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Introduction to Price Action Trading Futures

December 28, 2014 View Comments

Price Action Trading Futures Explained Price Action Defined To Be a Mess or Not to Be a Mess Identify Trending versus Consolidating Markets Trade Price Action in the Futures Market What is Price Action? Price Action Trading is the discipline of making all of your trading decisions from price. This means that you are taking

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Develop a Daily Trading Routine for Trading Success

December 27, 2014 View Comments

Those of you who are members know that I publish a trade analysis each day shortly after the New York close. What many of you probably do not know is that making these commentaries each day is part of my daily trading routine. I actually started writing down my thoughts about the markets each day

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7 tips to improve your trading confidence and results

September 3, 2012 View Comments

Trading confidence is hugely important in trading, but before we discuss it let us first define it. What is the definition of trading confidence? I define trading confidence as positive thoughts, feelings and actions reflecting your self-belief and expectations of your ultimate success.  Success is never guaranteed, but self-doubt and negativity can ensure failure.  When

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