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Learning to Trade: when it just clicks
Welcome to the trading room. If you have found this site, then you are more than likely as passionate about trading as we are. You have probably seen a few traders trade their way to millions of dollars, which has given hope to new traders. The problem that arises is that it increases the cost and lessens the quality of information, which is severely lacking in quality already. This sets the bar pretty high for newcomers into this industry.
One of the worst things that a trader can do is to learn bad habits, because once these are learned they are hard to break. Experts say it takes 2-3 months to make or break a habit, and a 2009 study showed it could take as long as three quarters of a year for some people. The reality is that everyone learns on a different curve and that everyone approaches knowledge differently.
ROI (return on investment) now comes into question; how many months would it take for you to learn how to trade this complex market? Because everyone is different, I don’t know. What I do know is that finding the right mentor and trading partner is your key to long term success. Here we believe in the saying, if you give someone a fish they will be happy for a day, but if you teach them to fish they have a skill that will forever help them in life. For this service we recommend having $5,000 in your account per contract traded. Since we trade two contracts for a full position in the room it is recommended that you begin with $10,000.

ABWT ES Trading Room Results
(numbers based on capital of $10,000 for month of July)
# of Trades | win % | Points | % gain
52 84.6% 49.5 24.75%

Here is what you will see

  • See our charts as we perform technical analysis
  • Hear live trading setups and how they happen realtime
  • Ask questions and interact with top traders
  • Trading Room is M-F 9:30-12
  • Access to the trader forum
  • Powerful educational reviews on trading concepts & techniques daily
  • See live trades on the ES
  • Nightly Members Analysis

Here is what you will learn

  • Trading Plan Development
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Technical Analysis
  • Position Sizing
  • Money Management Principles
  • Trading Psychology and Discipline

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* Take the 3 day trial and cancel at any time, no questions asked.



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