Live Price Action Futures Trade Setups | Feb 12th

Futures Trading Strategies

This week I want to share some price action setups from my personal trading as well as from one of my trading students. My trading has been highly profitable, but my student had some very impressive trading, so we will highlight one of his trades this week.

Live Pound Futures Trade Setup: 7:1 Reward to Risk

Pound Futures Trade

This is a trade that I made last night in my personal trading account. I like to trade currencies a lot, but they do not always give a tight enough risk for futures swing trade group members.

In fact, we have never traded the pound futures with the service. In the pound, each 0.00001, one ten thousandths of a cent, move is worth $6.25. I entered at 1.5215 with a stop at 1.5195, risking $125 per contract.

My intial target was at 1.535 or 6.75 times risk. I took partial off at that level, and am now holding the remainder of my position with a stop at 1.536. This allows my R:R to be even better than the original 6.75R that I was looking at.

The best part of this pound futures trade is that we hit our first target in a few hours, and now worst case scenario we make 10 ten thousandths of a cent more than our first take profit giving us a 7R.

Live Cocoa Futures Trade Setup: 14.25:1

Cocoa Futures Trade

This trade comes from a student, who probably like you, has been struggling with their trading. Right away, he got to work, training hard with our course strategies and lessons.

The result is massive improvement in his trading to the point where he is consistently pulling money out of the market.

You can see his entry on the chart at 3010. He had a 20 point stop, which equates to $200 per contract. He viewed the corrective sequence with a trip back to a resistance line as a great way to trade with the trend.

He initially targeted the next red line on the chart, but ended up just running his stop lower as price moved. This eventually took him out at 2725 giving him $2,850 per contract in a trade that lasted about three weeks. He made 14.25 times his risk on this trade, which is just remarkable.

Live Crude Oil Futures Trade Setup: 9.3:1

Crude Oil Futures Trade

On February 9th in our futures swing trading group we suggested to short crude oil at 53.80 and riding it lower.

We highlighted this trade in our trading strategy recap, but I wanted to show it again. We entered the trade, and in our group took off partial at 52.50 or 1.30 points from entry. This allowed us to trail the remainder where we took profit at 49.50 for 9.3 times our risk.

As you can see, we do not give vague trade recommendations or just a handful of trades per month. We actively trade the markets, share our experience of live price action trading, and give in-depth analysis and commentary to our private members.

By now, you should clearly see the value of learning to trade price action beyond ordinary “signals” or candlestick patterns that would have missed all of these trades. If you would like to learn more about becoming a member and making profitable trades just like the above click here.

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