Option Trading 153% Gain in 2017

December 29, 2017 View Comments

Option Trading is about maintaining risk while maximizing profit. People call it the double edged sword, because when used incorrectly options can easily blow up an account. Option trading allows us to leverage our trades, but this leverage can work for or against us. Appropriately used leverage can allow for better portfolio management in a

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Stock Talk Saturday – Amazon bought Whole Foods: Bullish or Bearish?

July 1, 2017 View Comments

Stock Talk Saturday is back with a great stock. Amazon has been a beast all year. It has come form $35 in 2008 to over $1,000 just a few days ago. Of course, Amazon stock has sold off a bit since then. The main question is what is it likely to do now. I am

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Saturday Stock Talk: One Stock One Trade 04/01/17

April 1, 2017 View Comments

In our Saturday Stock Talk a few weeks ago we highlighted a stock poised for an asymmetrical move. These are the moves where we only need one stock one trade for. We continuously strive for base hits, because we know when the homeruns happen that our accounts will grow that much more. Instead of waiting

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Saturday Stock Talk: One Stock One Trade 02/25/17

February 25, 2017 View Comments

Today’s Saturday Stock Talk highlights a stock that could be a 10+ times winner over the next few years. Initially we can risk a couple of dollars to make 20+ dollars, but in the short-term this stock trade can be a 3:1 or 4:1 reward to risk trade. The best trades are the ones that

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NKE Options Trade – 54% Gain in One Week

October 6, 2016 View Comments

Our NKE Options Trade gave us a 54% gain in one week. NKE presented a setup that usually generates a nice return. This allowed us to keep our risk tight by setting our sights on a larger profit. Trading is all about going after a larger profit with small risk. If we can consistently do

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IWM Options Trade – 92% in One Day

September 8, 2016 View Comments

IWM gave us a fantastic reward to risk setup. When it setup we grabbed it quickly, but it turned out to be even better than we previously thought. It is always a great thing when price moves more in our favor at a quicker pace than initially expected, and also a great time for either

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