Frequently Asked Questions

Learning to Trade: when it just clicks

Hi, Matt Dye here … and, if you’re just like me, chances are you have LOTS of questions. I will certainly do my best here to answer your questions; however, if there’s a question that is not answered here, please don’t hesitate to call us at (843) 732-3778 and we’ll gladly answer them for you!
To Your Success,

  • What’s the minimum amount of money I need to start trading e-mini futures?

    Just like any other business, if you’re under capitalized, you could run into problems. Leverage offers significant potential profit, but also significant risks. I recommend that you trade one contract per $3,500 – $5,000 in your account.

  • Are your E-mini trading mentoring programs just theory?

    No. Our trading mentoring programs are based on natural factors that occur in all markets. Our programs are much more than mere theory, although you must understand the fundamental concepts and principles completely before trading. Understanding the theoretical base first provides you with the building blocks for success before taking you through a real-time trading sequence using charts. The beauty of our trading mentoring programs is that they explain the theory and then demonstrate how that theory can be executed effectively, consistently, and successfully through the use of charts and videos so you can apply the theory immediately to your trading.

  • How long will it take a trader to learn and actually to begin profiting from your trading mentoring programs?

    Obviously, that will vary from person to person. It depends on how much time and effort you put into studying the trading mentoring program you get. The average student takes roughly one to two months, provided that he/she is prepared to spend between five and eight study hours on the program a week. If you decide to put in more hours, you’ll be ready to trade in a much shorter period of time. For example, we’ve had many students tell us that they started to make money the very next week after they received the mentoring program, but results obviously will vary. Trading is an individual thing, and so is the time it takes to learn how to trade. We strongly urge phone calls and emails so we can answer all of your questions.

  • How much of your trading strategies (in your trading mentoring programs) have you changed over the years?

    Great question – in fact, a very important question. To be brutally honest with you, everything I teach in my mentoring programs is based on the natural ebb, flow, and rhythm of the markets; therefore, how I trade and teach will never stop working. It’s really as simple as that; therefore, I have NOT changed anything in my trading and teaching over the years. Have I added to, refined, and made what I teach more objective over the years? YES, I have, but the overall structure of how I trade has not changed one bit!

  • What do you think is the most important benefit your E-mini Mentoring Programs offer that other courses do not offer?

    Well, I don’t think there is just one benefit. I truly believe that our mentoring programs offer many benefits over other courses. I say this because we continually receive feedback from students who have taken other programs. They wind up telling us that not one of the other programs compares to our programs, thanks to the quality education and sound trading strategies that simply work. Students continually tell us that our mentoring programs are much more complete and comprehensive, not to mention that they work extremely well and are very consistent. Many other systems, courses, etc. aren’t as practical and easy to apply. We also take a lot of personal time instructing students after they purchase our mentoring programs, while many others really don’t want to spend too much personal time at all (if any). We truly do encourage students to call or to email us whenever they have questions, etc. After all, that’s what we’re here for..

  • I know absolutely nothing about E-Mini futures or Options does that at all matter?

    First of all, you need to decide which trading mentoring program fits your needs, goals, personality, and time commitments the best. Once you make that decision and decide which program you’re going to get, you already know most of what you have to understand to start with the program. If you don’t know anything about futures, commodities, or stock index futures trading, that doesn’t matter; my Interactive Course and Personal Training will teach you everything you need to know – from A to Z – in order to trade successfully. My Interactive Trading Course and Personal Training will teach you how to trade all markets, as long as you have the capability to look at charts to make your trading decisions.

  • Are there any books you recommend reading to prepare myself for your trading mentoring program(s)?

    I get asked that question all the time. To be really honest, NO, there really isn’t any “trading book” I recommend. You have to remember that each of the trading mentoring programs that we offer here at ABWT is an all-inclusive training program, literally from A-to-Z. They take you from beginning to end. Once you’re done, you’ll be able to make money in the markets consistently. Nothing else is required on your part, except simply the desire to learn and to be mentored by a professional trader. We will help you reach your trading goals.