Trading Tip: Be An Organized Trader

February 5, 2015 View Comments

Becoming an organized trader in our society is not the easiest thing to do, but maintaining organization as a trader is paramount. Organization does not mean sacrificing any part of your day or life, but merely is the chunking of activities together to better setup your day for success. I like to begin my day

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Trading Tip: Goal Setting, What Are Your Trader Goals?

November 22, 2013 View Comments

Trading Tip Trading Goals

Goal Setting is a very important part of futures trading. Without a goal or a plan of action then it is very difficult to move forward or reach any place that is meaningful. There is a lot of information out there on goal setting, some bad some good, but that is the case with any

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Trading Tip: Why Do You Want To Be A Trader?

November 9, 2013 View Comments

Why Do You Want To Be A Trader

Why do you want to be a trader? Do you ever wonder why two traders can have the exact trading plan yet one becomes a success while the other ends up a failure. Becoming a trader is much more then just having a brokerage account and a trading plan. I have worked with thousands upon

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Trading Tip: How To Draw Support and Resistance Lines

July 13, 2013 View Comments

Trading Tip Support And Resistance

Support and Resistance tell us where price is likely to target as well as if it is a good value to place a trade. Drawing Support and Resistance levels is really the most basic way of determining where the market is, and it is something that should only take you a few minutes to do.

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Trading As A Business; Not As A Hobby

June 11, 2013 View Comments

Trading As A Business, Not As A Hobby

A lot of traders come into this industry with unrealistic expectations and I think it stems from everyday life. Trading As A Business is a very important concept and gives a trader concrete map rather than pie in the sky dreams.

Emini Trading Coach, A Business With Trading?

August 27, 2012 View Comments

Emini Trading Coach

Every trader dreams of finding a ‘magic formula’ for successful Emini trading, but success has more to do with applying common sense and committing to a tried-and-true method. Unrealistic epectations is a big reason why traders fail. So it makes sense to find someone who’s had consistent success in this area and then model his

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