S&P Market Analysis & Key Levels 07/23/17

July 23, 2017 View Comments

Today’s S&P Market Analysis highlights some very important key levels. Price is close to a temporary top, and is ready for a drop. It will be a fun week, because we believe that we are a couple weeks away from this temporary top. There are a lot of analysts jumping on the bull market train,

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S&P Market Analysis & Key Levels 07/16/17

July 16, 2017 View Comments

Todays S&P market analysis shows some key levels that are very important going forward. Price is still strong, but a choppy strong if you will. Times like this are interesting, because we get to see analysts call tops during an uptrend and then call for a continued uptrend near tops. At least they are able

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S&P Market Analysis & Key Levels 06/11/17

June 11, 2017 View Comments

The S&P has been strong recently, so with Friday’s move has anything changed? In simple terms, no. One day does not a market trend make. As traders it is important to keep our analysis concise, and at the same time dynamic. Successful traders do not change their analysis based on granularity. They stick strong to

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S&P Market Analysis & Key Levels 05/31/17

May 31, 2017 View Comments

Our last S&P market analysis showed some very important key levels to watch. The cool thing is that our least likely scenario is now forefront this week. This shows that analysis gives us a roadmap, and nothing more. It is important, because many new traders try to ‘will’ their analysis into existence. As traders we

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S&P Market Analysis & Key Levels 05/21/17

May 21, 2017 View Comments

Last week price got within a few points of the high of our S&P market analysis. It then started to selloff mid-week. In an interesting twist of events price found support at an area that we spoke about a couple of weeks ago. Now, the S&P has three scenarios that it is working within, and

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S&P Market Analysis & Key Levels 05/07/17

May 7, 2017 View Comments

Our S&P Market Analysis has stayed the same for the past few weeks, because the market has been the same. We do not expect a move outside of the norm this week. Expect some resistance this week, but it will be very interesting where that resistance takes place at. If price does break above 2410

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